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I'm slowly starting to realize that there's no way I can do anything strictly realism art-wise.  There's no way, I threw away a charcoal piece I had of just a tombstone.  Most of my AP concentration pieces are illustrations and not drawn from real life.  I will not take Oil Painting again, I refuse to.  I gave it a try, I didn't like it.  No big deal.  I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE ART CLASSES ANYMORE.  Mrs. Berry is ruining me, I won't drop AP though, I feel like I should follow through with it since art is a passion of mine.  I hate everyone in my AP class and I don't like how people seem to talk DOWN ON ME.  I am NOT stupid, actually, I'm pretty fucking smart.  I am NOT poor, I'm just cheap, there's definitely a difference.  I don't appreciate being questioned about my financial situation, especially in front of people.  No, money is not the reason why I'm not going to college right away, I just don't care to right now.  It's not a main priority and I want to take a BREAK.  I don't mind working a 9-5 job until I figure out what I'm going to do with my life.  I can honestly say I AM looking forward to the rest of my life, if you asked me 2 years ago I would've said I'd rather drop dead than deal with it.

Also, I'm getting kind of sick of a girl, who I will not say the name of for reasons better left unsaid, but a few know who I'm talking of.  Just leave my boyfriend alone, I don't want girls near him, no girls who aren't me.  If you're me go ahead, I don't care but you are NOT.  No, he doesn't want to be in your band, he might, but I'm not going to let him.  (I may be controlling, but I couldn't give a rat's ass.)   No, he's not going to teach you how to play a game THAT YOUR OWN BOYFRIEND HAS and no, he's not ever going over your house for any reason, ever. 

OHYAH.  I got my license.  I'm really excited, a lot of people I know failed the first time, and they all told me I'll probably fail.  I didn't.  I actually did very well.  I'm not allowed to drive far, considering my dad's in Florida and I'm not insured yet BUTTTTTTTT my mom let me go to my sisters store a few times and downtown, so little, teasing tastes of freedom.  I like driving a lot more than I thought I would....



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