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Tales from the forest of Gnomes

I don't feel well right now.

The past month has been... I don't know, different.
Sex doesn't hurt anymore!  keke.
No one cared to know that...

Apparently Leon tried killing himself, downed a bottle of Advil... I feel bad, but he's fine now.  I feel guilted into staying his friend, but things have been.. better.


Randy and I have been sweeellll.  Very well, actually.  I'm surprised at my own tolerance level for him.  I used to get annoyed with people I hung around too much but I'm never annoyed with him.

We talked about our situations after high school.  Of course, this is just talk.  No commitment but Randy wants to live with Lance and Cody after high school in some apartment and I was saying how I'm either going to stay in a dorm when and if I go to school or if I'm in a community college and staying at home I'll just keep at home.  That seemed to get his attention and he was like "NO, you'd live with me."  and I tried explaining how... if I move out... I don't think I want to live with all guys and he seemed to get really offended.
I try to stay down to earth with this kind of thinking, you know, the whole... Well, the chances of us staying together forever are very slim... I'm too young to worry about moving out...  kind of things, but it's hard not to get my hopes up.  It's exciting.

I'm doing well in school, so very proud of myself :o Besides geometry... and apparently gym.  I have a bad attitude or something... I do not... I'm just witty and angry.  That's all :D
and I punched a kid in the ribs in that class.  I'm not a nice person. <3

Work starts soon!  I almost quit Beach Crew to work at York's Wild Kingdom... but Beach Crew is too nice of a job to pass up.  I /think/ I might work at cafe fresco too if they're hiring so I won't go completely jobless when school starts again.

I'm bouncy and excited fo' life. plz



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